Allen Engineering and Science - Consultants, Engineers, Planners, and Scientists

Client Sectors

Allen Engineering and Science provides technical services for public and private sector clients. Our clients include small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to local, regional, and State governments. The industry sectors Allen Engineering and Science serves include the following:

Oil and Gas Industry:

Allen Engineering and Science service to the oil and gas industry includes environmental work for exploration, production, and transmission elements of the industry. We have performed work on natural gas and petroleum product pipeline corridors, port facilities with significant petroleum or natural gas infrastructure, petroleum bulk storage terminals, and oil and gas exploration and production operations including drilling operations.

Wood Products Industry:

Allen Engineering and Science has performed work for a number of clients within the wood products industry including pulp and paper operations, lumber milling, wood processing, and wood treating facilities such as those using CCA, Pentachlorophenol, and Creosote.

Government and Public Entities:

Allen Engineering and Science provides services to local government (cities and counties), regional governments (solid waste authorities, port authorities, public and private water utilities, municipal and cooperative electric utilities, and other utility authorities), and state government and state agencies (transportation agencies, environmental regulatory agencies, coastal marine resources management agencies, and fish and wildlife agencies). Allen Engineering and Science has also performed work for a number of institutional or quasi-public organizations such as state universities.

Manufacturing Sector:

Allen Engineering and Science manufacturing sector clients span the spectrum of industry and can be divided into a number of manufacturing categories including steel fabrication, technology manufacturers, durable goods manufacturers, and raw materials producers and refiners.

Energy Industry:

Allen Engineering and Science has worked for a number of clients representing the energy sector including electrical power providers, local and regional energy utilities, and alternative energy producers including biomass facilities, biodiesel facilities, ethanol, and others.


Allen Engineering and Science has experience providing services and expert testimony to the legal industry and has worked for a number of law firms representing clients with challenging environmental issues. We routinely work on projects that require a firm understanding of and full compliance with local, state and federal environmental statutes and implementing regulations.

Real Estate:

Allen Engineering and Science work within the real estate industry includes projects performed for clients including but not limited to real estate brokerage firms, individual and corporate land developers, economic development agencies, banking facilities, industrial clients, industrial parks, and local governments.

Chemical Industry:

Allen Engineering and Science has performed numerous investigations, remedial actions, permitting actions, and natural resource management projects for the chemical industry. We have worked for both large and small chemical manufacturers and processors such as polymer and plastics, pesticides and herbicides, rubber, specialty petrochemicals, asphalt, and fertilizer production facilities.

Solid Waste Industry:

Allen Engineering and Science has performed a variety of solid waste planning, design, permitting, and construction projects for local and regional solid waste management authorities, local governments, solid waste haulers, solid waste processors, and private sanitary solid waste disposal facilities. Allen Engineering and Science solid waste sector experience spans nearly 20 years.