Allen Engineering and Science - Consultants, Engineers, Planners, and Scientists


As a multi-disciplined professional services firm, Allen Engineering and Science provides a full spectrum of consulting services. These services are categorized into three distinct but complementary practice divisions:


Whether our company is employing traditional civil engineering design practices or utilizing environmental engineering concepts on a project, a quality product and a satisfied client are our goals. Allen Engineering and Science believes in looking at a project from all perspectives and utilizes a comprehensive approach to identify the best engineering practices tailored for the job at hand. We realize each client is special and each project is unique; therefore, we take time to understand all aspects of the project. After we understand the system as a whole, our firm then looks at each part of the puzzle until an appropriate, cost-effective, technically-sound solution is achieved.


The Allen Science division works closely with our clients in the performance of natural resource management, environmental assessments, natural restoration and watershed management. It is comprised of a diverse team of environmental scientists, chemists, geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, and fisheries scientists. We have extensive experience in ecological/ natural resource assessments including vegetation, land use, and habitat mapping; threatened and endangered (T&E) species surveys; biological assessments; steam and watershed assessments; water quality and macroinvertebrate assessments; and jurisdictional determinations of "waters of the United States" (i.e. wetlands, streams, lakes, ponds). Our team of scientists have extensive experience in soil and groundwater assessments, including Phase I/II/III environmental assessments, remedial investigations, and brownfields projects.


The principles of sound planning are applicable to both public and private sector projects. The application of planning methods and practices to private projects can add value, streamline development processes, and enhance the bottom line. Through the implementation of sound design principles, including the principles of sustainable development and smart growth, Allen Engineering and Science has successfully designed community master plans that provide a strong balance between the preservation and enhancement of natural resources and the creation of livable communities. We believe that an economically and environmentally successful development project begins with properly applied planning, engineering and scientific practices. To that end, Allen Engineering and Science has organized a multi-disciplined team of professionals that work together to ensure that all of Allen Engineering and Science's development efforts preserve and enhance the project's aesthetic value, marketability, and economic worth.